All items at Above the Fray Gallery are personally selected by Maren and Joshua directly from the independent artist or in village markets in Laos or Vietnam. Our personal relationship with many of the artists enhances our ability to represent the region's finest traditional art.

Silk Shaman Cloths (Ceremonial Blankets), Full-width

Full-width (28"-38") traditional Lao-Tai shawls/blankets ("phaa phi mon") made of 100% locally-raised silk that is hand-reeled, naturally-dyed, and handwoven.

Naga Shaman Cloth
Curled-Tailed Naga and Saang Hong
Tapestry Weave Fish and Brocade Textile
Phii Nyak Tapestry Shaman's Shawl
Phii-Nyak Tapestry Shaman's Shawl

Silk Shaman and Healing Shawls, Mid-width

Mid-width (14"-27") traditional Lao-Tai shawls (medium width "phaa phi mon" and "phaa sabai") made of 100% locally-raised silk that is hand-reeled, naturally-dyed, and handwoven.

Woman Man Woman Deep Purple Shawl
Silvery Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Brilliant Blue Diamonds of Naga
Saang Hong Shaman Cloth
Steel Blue Saang Hong and Naga
Burgundy and Green Healing Cloth
Hong Birds and Diamonds of Flowers
Burgundy and Blue Healing Cloth
Deep Salmon Healing Cloth
Mythological Elephant Birds in Burgundy
Bold Naga Pattern Cloth
Brown Curled-Tailed Naga
Blue Diamonds of Flowers
Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Raspberry Saang Hong
Blue Siho

Silk Shoulder Clothes, Narrow-width

Narrow (6"-13") traditional Lao-Tai shoulder cloths ("phaa phai") made of 100% locally-raised silk that is hand-reeled, naturally-dyed, and handwoven.

Burgundy and Green Textile
Sophisticated Deep Blue Shoulder Cloth
Deep Red Diamonds of Flowers
Diamond of Flowers with Naga
Diamond of Naga on Deep Blue
Curly-Tailed Naga in Red
Curly Tailed Naga Boats on Black
Two-headed Naga Healing Cloth
Two-headed Saang Hong in Red

Silks: Small Textiles

Shorter, traditional Lao-Tai textiles (including "phaa kan mon" love tokens) made of 100% locally-raised silk that is hand-reeled, naturally-dyed, and handwoven.

Long Silk Love Tokens
Small Silk Love Tokens
Red Naga Cloth
Green and Burgundy Naga Diamonds
Purple Diamond Altar Cloth

Silk: Skirts and Other Textiles

Traditional silk skirts ("sinh") and other silk textiles based on Lao-Tai textile design.

Striped Naga Shawl
Red Tai Baby Blanket
Spring Green Diamonds of Naga
Ancestor Spirit and Naga Shawl or Skirt
River Current with Flowers Shawl or Skirt
Stripe and Dot Pattern Shawl
Solid Red with Naga

Traditional Ethnic Clothing

Traditional hemp and cotton clothing handmade and worn by Hmong, Dzao/Yao, and other ethnic groups.

Black Hmong Embroidered Vintage Jacket
Black Hmong Batik and Hemp Jacket
Red Dzao Woman's Embroidered Jacket
Red Dzao Short Women's Jacket
Red Dzao Men's Jacket With Bells
Black Hmong Embroidered Belt
Boy's Dzao Hat
Embroidered Headscarf

Home Decor

Upcycled items to decorate your home, handmade by the Hmong, Dzao/Yao and others from their own handwoven, traditional clothes.

Large Natural Hemp and Batik Hanging
Large Indigo Batik Wall Hanging
Indigo Batik Wall Hanging
Natural Hemp and Batik Wall Hanging
Hmong Hemp and Batik Wall Hanging
Jungle Animals Door Curtain
Elephant-Lion Door Curtain
Butterfly Door Curtain
Chicken Door Curtain in Cotton
Tiger Cotton Door Curtain
Birds on Black Door Curtain
Red Hmong Blanket
Pink Tapestry Weave Rug
Black and White Cotton Blanket
Red and White Star Blanket
Blue and White Blanket
Small Batik Wallhanging - 3
Small Batik Wallhanging - 2
Small Batik WALL Hanging 1

Bags, Purses, Wallets, and More

Upcycled items for personal use, handmade by the Hmong, Dzao/Yao, and others from their own handwoven, traditional clothes.

Embroidered Red Dzao Shoulder Bag
Red Dzao Embroidered Shoulder Bag
Batik and Hemp Ipad Case
Red Hmong Ipad Case
Black Hmong Embroidered Wallets
White Hmong Embroidery Wallets
Hmong Belt Embroidery iPad Case
Black Hmong Embroidered Sling Bag
Black Hmong Belt-Embroidery Bag
Sleeve Embroidery Hmong Shoulder Bag
Cell Phone Sized Embroidered Shoulder Bag
Small Embroidered Hmong Shoulder Bag
Embroidered Hmong Shoulder Bag
Indigo Hemp Shoulder Bag
Black Hmong Batik Shoulder Bag
Batik Black Hmong Shoulder Bag
Blue and Crimson Shoulder Bag
Red Dzao Pompom Shoulder Bag
PomPom Yao Shoulder Bag

Fabric and Skeins: Silk, Hemp, Cotton

Handwoven, naturally-dyed yardage and skeins.

Shibori Design Indigo Dyed Cotton Fabric
Handwoven Organic Cotton Fabric
Rich Indigo Cotton Fabric
Dark Indigo Cotton Fabric
Deep Indigo Dyed Handwoven Cotton Fabric
Solid Handwoven Natural Cotton

Baskets & Tools

Baskets and tools handcrafted and used in village life.

Newer Khamu Clothing Storage Basket
Khamu Clothing Storage Basket Nice Patina
3-Part Katu Mens Basket
Mahout's Elephant Guiding Pick
Knitty-Knotty (Winder) for Cotton
Tobacco Storage Basket
Bamboo and Rattan Gathering Basket
Smoked Khamu Gathering Basket
Hmong Carrying Basket
Handmade Fishing Net with Creel
Antique Coconut Scraper
Coconut Scraper

Ritual Art

Traditional masks, amulets, ceremonial figures, and ritual textiles used in spiritual ceremonies.

Ta Oi Couple Statues
Tall Ta Oi Statues
Katu Spirit Mask with Carved Hair
Tall Katu Spirit Mask
Bamboo Kaen (Hmong Mouth Organ)
Red Dzao Shaman's Drum
Wooden Print Block
Dzao Shaman's Mask
Dzao Shaman's Mask
Hmong Shaman's Rattle
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Hat
Ta Oi Spirit Mask
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Mask
Jarai Rong House Drum
Tai Daeng Woman Shaman's Headscarf
Red Yao Shaman Headscarf


Traditional earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other decoration.

Red Dzao Fabric Necklace
Hmong Embroidery Necklace
Hmong Embossed Hoop Earrings
Hmong Single Fern Earrings
Hmong "Three Big Ferns" Earrings
Hmong Embossed Fern Frond Earrings
Hmong Fern Frond Moving Earrings
Akha Cone Earrings or Headpiece Ornament
Tai Silver Plug Earrings
Healing Spirit Bracelet
Fern Frond Earrings with Dangles
Dzao 4-part Bronze Toque Necklace
Trang's Sword Earrings
Trang's Huge Hoops
Trang's Black Hmong Embossed Earrings
Trang's Black Hmong Hoops
Hmong Fern Frond Earrings

Vintage Textiles

Rare, older, traditional textiles from hill tribe Laos and Vietnam.

Dragon Door Curtain
Phii Nyak Blanket
Tai Daeng Naga Baby Blanket
Tai Daeng Horse Blanket with Bomber Motif
80-90 Year Old Tai Daeng Shaman's Cloth
Vintage Tai Daeng Sinh (Tube Skirt)
Vintage Tai Daeng Sinh (Tube Skirt)
Tai Daeng Dragon Blanket
Tai Daeng Star Blanket
Tai Daeng Dragon Blanket

Textile Hangers

Handcrafted textile hangers made in Laos and Vietnam.

Elephant Head Textile Hanger
Large Loom Reed Hanger
Medium Loom Reed Hanger
Small Loom Reed Hanger
Large Bamboo Hanger: "Ends-Up Style"
Large Bamboo Hanger: "Middle-Up Style"
Short Bamboo Hanger: "Middle-Up Style"
Short Bamboo Hanger: "Ends-Up Style"
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