All items at Above the Fray Gallery are personally selected by Maren and Joshua directly from the independent artist or in village markets in Laos or Vietnam. Our personal relationship with many of the artists enhances our ability to represent the region's finest traditional art.

Ritual Art

Traditional masks, amulets, ceremonial figures, and ritual textiles used in spiritual ceremonies.

Ta Oi Couple Statues
Tall Ta Oi Statues
Katu Spirit Mask with Carved Hair
Tall Katu Spirit Mask
Bamboo Kaen (Hmong Mouth Organ)
Red Dzao Shaman's Drum
Wooden Print Block
Dzao Shaman's Mask
Dzao Shaman's Mask
Hmong Shaman's Rattle
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Hat
Ta Oi Spirit Mask
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Mask
Jarai Rong House Drum
Tai Daeng Woman Shaman's Headscarf
Red Yao Shaman Headscarf
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