All items at Above the Fray Gallery are personally selected by Maren and Joshua directly from the independent artist or in village markets in Laos or Vietnam. Our personal relationship with many of the artists enhances our ability to represent the region's finest traditional art.

Silk Shaman and Healing Shawls, Width 14” - 27"

Mid-width (14"-27") traditional Lao-Tai shawls (medium width "phaa phi mon" and "phaa sabai") made of 100% locally-raised silk that is hand-reeled, naturally-dyed, and handwoven.

Silvery Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Brilliant Blue Diamonds of Naga
Naga and Phii Nyak
Deep Navy with Naga Diamonds
Saang Hong Shaman Cloth
Steel Blue Saang Hong and Naga
Naga and Phi Nyak Shaman Cloth
Burgundy and Green Healing Cloth
Hong Birds and Diamonds of Flowers
Burgundy and Blue Healing Cloth
Deep Salmon Healing Cloth
Mythological Elephant Birds in Burgundy
Bold Naga Pattern Cloth
Turquoise Man-Woman Healing Cloth
Slate Teal Naga
Brown Curled-Tailed Naga
Blue Diamonds of Flowers
Teal Two-Headed Saang Hong
Khon Buhaan Shaman Cloth
Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Raspberry Saang Hong
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